Supported Living For Adults

JC4C provides supported living services for adults with complex needs, such as learning disabilities, mental health conditions and individuals with any sort of challenging situation.

We strive to offer an environment that is secure for our clients to help them lead an independent and comfortable life.

We provide accommodation and community services to the clients.


We believe that access to a comfortable personal space is the fundamental right of every human being. 

We ensure all our clients are offered a person-centred approach in terms of care, and we use this approach to cater to individual needs.

We provide a range of housing options, such as:

  • Self-contained one-bedroom flats
  • 2/3 bedroom houses (shared accommodation)
  • Studio apartments

Each of our accommodation services is well managed and are equipped with around the clock support service from support workers.

Community Support

Our community support service help individuals maintain a good quality life and a sense of inclusion in various social aspects. 

JC4C ensures that our clients can participate in community-based activities, such as:

  • Recreational events
  • Employment Fairs
  • Attending appointments, e.g., Doctors
  • Community outreach programmes conducted periodically. 

JC4C also ensures our clients feel secure and confident in challenging situations by encouraging communication with family members.


JC4C provides support to clients with disabilities, such as:

  • Autism
  • Mental health
  • Other complex care needs

As a company, we uniquely approach each case to ensure the service users’ needs are met.

Our trained staff liaise with other local agencies to create a comprehensive care plan for the day to day needs of the client and help provide choices and independence in their daily tasks.